Anti Broken IPhone 11 Ceramic Glass HD Screen Protector


  •  0.23mm 5D Anti-blue Light Tempered Glass
  • Perfect Fit
  • Features: Soft edge screen, Anti-blue light
  • Thickness: 0.23mm
  • Structure: 6 layer
  • Hardness: 9H
  • Function: Impact and Scratch Resistance
  • Anti Broken IPhone 11 Ceramic
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Anti Broken IPhone 11 Ceramic

This is a Perfect  full coverage Tempered Glass Screen protector. The anti-blue function effectively blocks damage of blue light to the eyes and protect your eyesight.Made of high-quality KMTC aluminum-silicon material, it has good shatter-proof performance and prevents screen breakage effectively. Silk screen printed full screen binding design for tight fit and comprehensive protection. 0.2mm in thickness, high clearness and high transparency, displaying clear and high-definition images.Automatic binding, easy to use, and fast sticking.

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