New Age Fast (Heavy Duty) USB Charger – 3A – 18w


  • USB Charger – 3A – 18w
  • Fast charger
  • Heavy Duty (3.0Amp/ 18watt)
  • High performance IC to ensure circuit control.
  • Built to meet international durability & quality standards.
  • Ciruit protection enabled.
  • Distinct and Classic design.
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Multipurpose charger
  • Charger head & Transfer Cable
  • Output: 3A / 18W


USB Charger – 3A – 18w

New Age Fast Charger (Jagaban) Adapter is one of the best travel chargers built with World voltage acceptance 110~240V AC with High Power, Output 3A (18W).

A thirty-minute charge will get the mobile phone to 75% of the battery. With 3x faster-charging speed than conventional chargers, Fast charging is a feature supported by devices that allow your device to charge 3× faster than normal. It enables your battery to acquire more power in less charge time.

It is designed to charge your device easily anytime, anywhere.

The cable is removable and as such, you can use it anywhere. 

With LED power indicator, safety, and convenience.-Low working temperature, long use life.-Connect to your world.


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